If a student does not understand what is being taught, it is not the responsibility of the student to change how they learn; it is the responsibility of the teacher to change how they teach.
- Allan Yu, Founder and Head of School

Vision of the Head of School

ASTEME is a groundbreaking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program designed by Allan Yu who is a leader in progressive math education in West Los Angeles. Allan has worked as a director and co-director of institutes with the UCLA Math Project for over 8 years and has consulted extensively for various local schools including The Willows Community School, Westside Neighborhood School, Citizens of the World (CWC) and Wildwood School.


Allan started off his career as a STEM educator by studying Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona. Soon after, he realized he loved working with people and pursued his degree in psychology. During this time, he began working with kids as an instructor in Kung Fu which ignited his desire to teach. This propelled him into the field of special education, where he worked with kids who struggled with learning disabilities. He excelled in differentiating instruction in math and became an education specialist and director for the UCLA Math Project, where he began to work for Megan Franke as a Cognitively Guided Instruction trainer. Since then, Allan has helped multiple schools develop a projects based math curriculum and also worked as the math discipline coordinator for Wildwood Elementary School.