Fundamental to the ASTEME philosophy is the belief that education must engage more than the mind alone.

Allowing young people to participate in a range of academic and extracurricular experiences fosters social growth and responsibility, as well as personal development. Woven through the traditional common core courses—English language and literature, a complex social studies curriculum, cognitively-guided mathematics, and hands-on science—are opportunities that enable students to be actively involved in their own education.

ASTEME comprehensive course of study teaches students to think independently, to reason with care and logic, to write and speak with clarity, and to identify and develop their aesthetic talents. This strong academic preparation is complemented by the development of ethics, character, and people skills. ASTEME hopes its students will go forth in life with a strong sense of personal integrity, self-confidence, and pride in their particular talents, inspired by learning, and prepared for college and for life in the 21st century.