Financial Aid at ASTEME

ASTEME is committed to providing the best education for your student at an affordable cost.
Our mission statement is to provide access and socio-economic, gender, and racial equity in the STEM fields. Over 20% of our population currently receives partial or full scholarships. We pride ourselves in our incredible community of diverse and passionate learners.
We realize that this investment in your student’s future, while worth the sacrifice, is challenging for many families. Our comprehensive Financial Aid program, along with flexible payment options, are ways we hope to make a ASTEME education accessible.

Financial Aid Application Process

Indicate that you are applying for Financial Aid on the ASTEME online admission application

Click here to download the Financial Aid form. Please return with your application to

Submit your Federal Taxes and and W-2 forms

By February 1, 2024, submit a copy of your most recent federal tax return and your last two paystubs, along with your scholarship application to