ASTEME’s advisory curriculum is carefully crafted to empower our young learners with the foundational skills they need to excel academically and socially. Team building takes center stage, with activities that foster cooperation, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. Through interactive challenges and projects, students develop vital communication skills, learning how to express themselves effectively and actively listen to their peers.

In parallel, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on honing executive functioning skills. Our students engage in activities that cultivate time management, organization, and strategic thinking, setting them up for success in their academic journey. From planning projects to prioritizing tasks, they gain the tools to navigate challenges with confidence.


ASTEME’s math curriculum is designed to be a dynamic and immersive experience that engages young minds in the captivating world of mathematics. At its core is the innovative approach of cognitively-guided instruction, which tailors teaching methods to each student’s developmental stage and learning style. This ensures that every child is supported in building a solid foundation in mathematical concepts.

The curriculum thrives on projects that inspire creative problem-solving. Through hands-on activities and collaborative projects, students delve into real-world scenarios, applying mathematical principles to solve challenges. These projects not only enhance critical thinking but also demonstrate the practical applications of math, fostering a deeper understanding of its relevance in everyday life.

Hands-on activities are interwoven throughout the curriculum, providing a tactile dimension to learning. From manipulating objects to visualizing concepts, students actively engage with math, transforming abstract ideas into tangible understanding. These activities spark curiosity, encourage exploration, and solidify mathematical concepts through experiential learning.


ASTEME’s language arts curriculum is a comprehensive journey that nurtures young learners’ language abilities while igniting a passion for self-expression and literary exploration. At its core, the curriculum focuses on building a strong foundation in essential language skills.

Spelling and grammar are introduced through interactive and engaging activities that make learning both effective and enjoyable. Students grasp the intricacies of language mechanics, empowering them to communicate effectively and express themselves with clarity. From mastering the rules of punctuation to developing a rich vocabulary, these skills become tools for effective communication.

Writing takes center stage as students embark on a creative voyage. Through guided exercises and imaginative prompts, they learn to craft narratives, essays, and poems that reflect their unique perspectives. From brainstorming to drafting, revising, and editing, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the writing process and how to refine their work to perfection.

Reading comprehension is nurtured through a diverse selection of texts that span genres and cultures. Students embark on literary adventures, delving into stories, articles, and poetry that challenge their analytical thinking and expand their worldviews. Guided discussions and critical analysis enable them to extract deeper meanings from the written word, enhancing their comprehension and interpretation skills.


ASTEME’s science curriculum is an immersive exploration that sparks curiosity and cultivates a deep understanding of the natural world. Rooted in inquiry-based learning, the curriculum fosters a sense of wonder through topical discussions that encourage students to ask questions and explore scientific concepts. These discussions serve as the foundation for a holistic learning experience that embraces both theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Engaging labs take students beyond textbooks and PowerPoint slides, providing them with firsthand experiences that bring scientific theories to life. In these labs, students don’t just learn about science – they become scientists, conducting experiments, making observations, and drawing conclusions. These hands-on activities empower them to develop critical thinking skills, hone their analytical abilities, and foster a love for experimentation and discovery.

The curriculum’s emphasis on hands-on activities ensures that students actively engage with scientific principles. From building simple machines to exploring ecosystems, each activity is carefully designed to foster a tangible understanding of complex concepts. Through these experiences, students not only deepen their comprehension of science but also cultivate a genuine passion for learning.


ASTEME’s social studies curriculum is a captivating journey that invites young minds to explore the intricacies of the world and their place within it. Central to this curriculum are meaningful discussions that connect students to the past, present, and future. By delving into topics that resonate with their lives, students are encouraged to voice their thoughts, ask questions, and develop a nuanced understanding of diverse perspectives.

Projects and hands-on activities play a pivotal role in bringing history and culture to life. Through interactive projects, students immerse themselves in the stories of civilizations, uncovering the traditions, triumphs, and challenges that have shaped our world. From recreating historical events to crafting cultural artifacts, these projects deepen their appreciation for global diversity and the interconnectedness of societies.

Incorporating current events into the curriculum empowers students to be informed and active global citizens. By analyzing real-world issues, students develop critical thinking skills, learning to evaluate information, consider multiple viewpoints, and form well-rounded opinions. This emphasis on current events ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and equips students with the tools to navigate the complex issues of our time.